12 Best Restaurants in Danang Vietnam

12 Best Restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam

1. Madame Lan Restaurant

There are many good places to eat in Da Nang. Vietnam has really good food and Da Nang, has fresh sea food, because it is on the ocean. There are many cuisines that thrive in Da Nang. Moroccan, Indian, Chinese, Italian, French, just to name a few, besides Vietnamese. Start with this list of the 12 best restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam. Then branch out on your own.

If you want to, start with Vietnamese. Go to Madame Lan Restaurant. This is a very popular open air restaurant with traditional foods. It also commands a beautiful view of the Han River toward the confluence with the ocean.

4 Bach Dang
Open until 10pm

2. Burger Republic

A cozy and cute eclectic burger and pizza restaurant is Burger Republic. This restaurant is owned by a Vietnamese-French couple. They have a iconic logo and marketing idea with a revolutionary decor theme.

33 ???ng Hoàng V?n Th?
Open until 11pm

3. Olivia’s Prime Steakhouse Restaurant

Olivia’s is fine dining at the top of their game. High quality meat from Australia, great sides and excellent drinks. They are near Dragon Bridge, right downtown and they are very friendly. This is a good place for a quality meal.

505 ???ng Tr?n H?ng ??o
Open until 10:30 PM

4. Taco NGON (Mexican)

Very small chairs and smaller portions but big taste. You can eat and eat here. This food is wonderful. I like it. The name says it all “Tasty Taco”. They are also hard to find. You have to ask a driver or get out Google maps.

12 Tô Hi?n Thành
Open until 10:00 PM

5. Happy Heart Cafe

This is a place where happy people work and it shows in their food. The restaurant is close to downtown, very clean, has a wide variety of good food, made by people who like what they do. Some of the wait staff is handicapped or deaf. Don’t let that worry you, you wouldn’t know that if I hadn’t told you.

9 Lý T? Tr?ng
Open until : 9:00 PM

6. Le Bambino Restaurant (French)

Le Bambino is an older French kid. Ok, he’s retired in Da Nang. He has run a restaurant in Da Nang forever and enjoys it. The restaurant is classy and high quality, done the old fashioned way, with good ingredients and put together right. You will like the atmosphere.

122/11 Quang Trung, Th?ch
Open until 10:00 PM

7. Bread of Life

American style food and Vietnamese flavors. Kid friendly. Great location, simple and friendly.

4 ??ng ?a, Thu?n Ph??c,
Open until: 9:45 PM

8. Nhà hàng Forever (Vietnamese)

I first went to Forever Restaurant for a MeetUp about technology. From there I was invited to DevDay and that was in 2017, now two years ago. They mostly serve Vietnamese food. I remember their breakfasts consisted of tomato slices, cucumber slices and eggs. The decor is very different. You will like the waffle shaped wood up the walls and across the ceiling.

44 Phan ?ình Phùng
Open until 10pm

10. Namaste Omar’s Indian Restaurant

The tastes of India are unmistakable and this is where you get them. This is a quality restaurant for Da Nang to feel like they are in India Heaven. Not too big and not too small.

6 Thái Phiên
Open until 10:30 PM

12. Hang’s Kitchen Restaurant (Western)

Hang’s is a little hard to find but totally worth it. I cannot imagine how they make such good food. If I made Vietnamese food, I would fail. I just would not be able to get the taste right. Hang’s gets it right. And they do this easily from scratch. I love it.

90 Châu Th? V?nh T?
Open until 10:00 PM

I said this was a list of the 12 Best Da Nang Viet Nam Restaurants. I lied. I like to eat and I like bonuses. These are all placed I know personally and I recommend them all. Enjoy each one.

13. My Casa (Italian)

My Casa is owned by a Spanish and Italian couple. They also serve Moroccan and American foods. This is the location for the Digital Nomads of Da Nang meetings every other Friday. Be sure and say hello if you are there during one of those evenings. Of course, those meetings are getting larger and larger…

52 Vo? Nghi?a
Open until 10:00 PM

14. Urban Square Gourmet Deli (Restaurant)

Urban Square is just what it says. This is a gourmet Deli and a grocery downstairs with a restaurant upstairs. Be sure to try out their lunch specials.

75 Phan Liêm
Open until 10:00 PM

15. Six on Six

Six on Six is named for the address. It was previously owned by a couple who sold to an American-Vietnamese couple. They really know how to serve American food. This is the only place in Da Nang where you can get raisin bread toast for breakfast, or any other time of the day, for that matter. They have excellent food and are happy to serve you for breakfast and lunch. They also have a homestay upstairs.

6/6 Ch? Lan Viên
Opens at 8AM

12 Best Restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam
12 Best Restaurants in Da Nang Vietnam