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Dynamic Danang
Dynamic Danang

Danang is a busy, vibrant and thriving modern city. It changes every day. When I moved here, everything was new. I had many questions. Now, I have some answers. I made Dynamic Danang to help you.


Nearly every day people ask for recommendations on Facebook. There are many groups. Each group has rules and a specific purpose. You first have to search for a group and ask to join that group. This takes time.

Facebook is not very searchable

Then, Facebook is not easily searchable. You have to wait, sometimes for hours, or even days, for recommendations. The best ones may come later, or are incomplete. It’s a slow process. And, the next person has to ask again.

The best recommendations

Every day I hear people asking the same questions I once asked, only now I know some answers. I asked for recommendations and collected the best answers. Then I created Dynamic Danang to share these recommendations with you.

You can help make it better

There are feedback forms at the bottom of (nearly) every page. This is where you can add your recommendations and feedback (name and email are not required). I hope you like it.