Coco House Danang

Coco House

Twelve new studio apartments in bungalow style are available for rent near Cocobay Resort. These are delightful efficiency apartments with air conditioning, kitchenette and bath. Large bed, chairs and fold-away table are included. The building is only one floor high, so you won’t have noisy neighbors above you.

Coco House inside looking out
Coco House inside looking out

The closets are lighted and there is ample storage space under the kitchen sink and over the closet for additional items, plus there is always space under the bed. The landscaping is also nice. Already the bougainvillea has reached the roof and will cover the walkway between rooms, making the area naturally much cooler in the summer.

This is an exceptional value for the money. The building is new, close to the private beach and quiet. No construction is currently underway near this apartment. Coco House is near Tan Tra urban area near coastal Truong Sa street, Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang city. Call now to book in advance or to visit the apartment.

The apartment building is very close to famous resorts and travel destinations in Danang. Approximate distances from Coco House Studio Apartment to nearby spots are:

  • Danang Sheraton Grand Resort: 300m
  • BRG Danang Golf & Resort : 300 m
  • The Dune Villas: 300m
  • The Point Villas: 200m
  • FPT Complex: 450m
  • FPT city: 500m
  • FPT University Campus: 600m
  • Ocean Estates :400m
  • Ocean Villas: 500m
  • Naman Retreat: 600m
  • Cocobay Complex: 700m
  • Montgomerie Links Vietnam Golf Club: 800m
  • Shilla Stay Resort: 800m
  • Blush Beach: 1,00m
  • Tan Tra beach: 500m
  • Coco Bridge: 400m (now renamed to Bai Dai -mean Long Beach)
  • Coco River: 300m
  • Danang Marble Mountains: 1,500m (Bungalow on Airbnb near by)
  • Danang Retreat 200m
  • Vinpearl Luxury Resort & Villas 1,000m
  • Centara Sandy Beach resort: 1,500m
  • Melia Resort: 1,600m
  • VinPearl Danang: 1,800m
  • Crown Plaza (Casino) & Silver Shore: 2,000m
  • Hyatt Regency Danang Resort & Spa: 2,200m
  • Four Seasons The Nam Hai resort: 4,000m
  • An Bang Beach: 7km
  • X2 Hoi An resort & residence: 6km
  • Hoi An town: 10km
  • South Hoi An: 20km (Vinpearl Nam Hoi An  & HASD)
Coco House typical bedroom
Coco House typical bedroom

The entire bungalow building is fully furnished with beds, kitchens, wardrobes, hot water showers, air conditioners, dining tables, private toilets, backyards, green gardens & landscapes, free washing machines, free Wi-fi, security cameras 24/24. Apartment areas vary from 26 to 32 square meters each. Big discounts for long term or multiple-room contracts. High quality and well designed furniture. There have been changes to the occupancy level, so use the floorplan as a guide.

Coco House entry way
Coco House entry way
Coco House inside
Coco House inside

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