Dawaco Danang Water Company

Danang Water Company

Paying the water bill in Danang is easy, once you know which building to go to but remember to take your bill. Without the number, they won’t be able to help you. With the bill, they really don’t need to speak English and you don’t need to know any Vietnamese.

There is an even easier way. Pay with the MoMo App. Once the bill is issued and your name is on the bill, your current amount should show up in MoMo at the end of the month.

When I first arrived in Danang, I used to pay for a Grab Car to take me to the bank, then take me to the water company, and then take me home again. Whew! I paid more for the ride than the water bill!

Now I keep a balance in MoMo toward the end of the month and I just pull out my smartphone and pay the bills with a click or two. The MoMo app is (so far) only in Vietnamese, but it is very intuitive. The bills will be marked, and paying them is semi-automatic. You can add money to your MoMo at any FPT phone store. You give them cash and they transfer it to your account, which in this case, is your mobile phone number. They are very helpful and speak enough English. They can even pay the bills for you.