Bottled Water

Don’t Drink the (Bottled) Water

But I heard that the tap water isn’t safe to drink. True. Just like many places in the world, most people in Vietnam don’t drink the tap water. They do this for the same reasons other people don’t drink the tap water – it’s no longer safe. Purified water is better for your health. Purified water reduces the contaminates, toxins, pathogens and critters that can harm you. So why not drink the large 15 litre bottled water? Because you are paying money for free tap water in a bottle.


One of these is unlike the other two. I bet you will get it wrong. Tap water in Vietnam is not as healthy as it should be. Same as in recent years in the US. At one time tap water was held to high standards. Times have changed. Most people drink bottled water.

Recently we tested three sources of water: tap, the large bottled water, and the higher priced bottled water from the grocery. Only the grocery bottled water was safe to drink. The large bottled water is filled from tap water!


If you are going to buy water, buy the water from the grocery. If you buy the 15 liter bottles from a vendor, you have bought the free water that is provided for free at any faucet.