Buddha Beach

Son Tra Buddha Beach is also known as Bai Bai, one of the attractions that tourists can not ignore when having a chance to make a trip to the Son Tra peninsula.

Buddha Beach is located on the south side of the peninsula and is attracting many tourists. The beach here is unspoiled. There are large coral reefs and a shelter of preserved turtles (turtle families) just offshore. On the shore is lush tropical forest, native to the red-faced gibbon.

Lady Buddha and Ung Linh Pagoda
Lady Buddha and Ung Linh Pagoda

The biodiversity of this land is amazing, suitable for vacation tourism. Guests are stunned by the pure beauty of Son Tra nature. You only have to visit Son Tra for a moment for your anxiety to suddenly disappear. Even in the heat of the hot summer sun, this cool paradise is soothing. 

The vastness of the sea is exciting, and the charm of blue sea and white sand is fascinating. Those who love the sea jump into the clear blue water and swim up to the coral reefs. 

Son Tra coastline
Son Tra coastline

The original name of Bai Bai has become familiar not only for domestic tourists but also for foreign tourists. Here, you can rent a hut, and freely eat and drink, singing on the banks of the clear blue sea. In addition, you can join the sea services here, such as participating in sea games, quiet coral, surfing, parachuting and more.

The Son Tra landscape is not only famous for its beauty of natural scenery but also known as the Buddha realm in humanity. Lying in a very beautiful strait, the Bai beach is a place where harmony between the sea and the mountains, where there are roads leading people from the city to the vast place of heaven and sea. 

Buddha Beach on Son Tra
Buddha Beach on Son Tra

This beach is marked by the huge statue called Lady Buddha, visible for nearly anyone on the Danang beaches. On the other side of the highway that circles the Son Tra peninsula, is Linh Ung Pagoda and Lady Buddha. This is a popular spot for people to visit. Below the road, is where you will find tranquility and peace on the unspoiled ocean beach.