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  • Tien Sa Beach

    Tien Sa Beach

    Tien Sa Beach is about 9 km northeast from the centre of the city.  Nestled in the Son Tra natural conservation area, it is known for its legendary Mo Coi (Orphaned) Mountain and its poetic Duyen Thuy beach. Tien Sa is in the shape of a mushroom with its head being the Son Tra Mountain […]

  • Buddha Beach

    Buddha Beach

    Son Tra Buddha Beach is also known as Bai Bai, one of the attractions that tourists can not ignore when having a chance to make a trip to the Son Tra peninsula. Buddha Beach is located on the south side of the peninsula and is attracting many tourists. The beach here is unspoiled. There are large coral […]

  • My Khe Beach

    My Khe Beach

    My Khe beach is very attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors. This is partly due to its clear blue waters and soft white sands which sparkle in the sunlight. My Khe beach is part of Danang. The many HomeStays, apartments and hotels are within walking distance of this lovely beach. The beach is only […]