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  • My Khe Beach

    My Khe Beach

    My Khe beach is very attractive to both domestic and foreign visitors. This is partly due to its clear blue waters and soft white sands which sparkle in the sunlight. My Khe beach is part of Danang. The many HomeStays, apartments and hotels are within walking distance of this lovely beach. The beach is only […]

  • Lotte Mart

    Lotte Mart

    Not to be outdone, Lotte Mart, is also a large company, and also has a membership club. Lotte Mart is owned by Koreans and is on the south side of town. There are many other locations, but in Danang there is only the one location. Still, the rewards are the same, 1% of all your […]

  • Doctor Thom

    Doctor Thom

    Dr. Thom Zydervelt was the only Chiropractic Doctor in Danang for years. He is low key about his work, but he gets results. Dr. Thom has been a Chiropractor for many years. He just keeps doing the same thing for more and more patients. He is from New Zealand and works in Danang. He enjoys […]

  • Why are Vietnamese always burning fires?

    Why are Vietnamese always burning fires?

    Fire has a couple of purposes in Vietnam. There is, of course, the main utility that burning trash is a quick and easy way to clean up litter and leaves. There is another reason why you see people starting fires in front of their houses. It’s called vàng mã or votive fire. They burn an […]