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  • Grandvrio Ocean Resort

    Grandvrio Ocean Resort

    Grandvrio Ocean Resort in Danang is located on the famous beach between Danang city and Hoi An, one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Come and relax to the sounds of the sea from dawn till twilight. The private lavish pool villas offer the perfect space to relax at this incredible resort. The building […]

  • Six on Six

    Six on Six

    Six on Six is a small, funky specialty cafe on the east side of Danang. They got their name from the address: 6/6 Che Lan Vien. They bought this Cafe a year and a half ago. The previous owners didn’t have as good a reputation and these owners do. They source the finest Vietnamese beans […]

  • Cocobay


    Cocobay wants to be a world-class entertainment center for asia. Lying right at the heart between Danang and Hoi An, Cocobay is the latest jewel added to Vietnam’s beautiful central beach strip. Aimed to become South East Asia’s leading entertainment and hospitality complex, Cocobay brings unprecedented varied amusement choices, world-class residence and redefined tourist services. […]