Danang Waterfalls Day Trips

Danang Waterfalls

Danang Waterfalls is here to help you find the hidden gems in the mountains surrounding Danang. Places most travelers miss and are virtually unexplored by non-locals. I have spent 3 years trekking through the jungles in the area and these are my favorite places so far.

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These treks are for experienced hikers. The jungle can be thick and unpredictable, paths may be steep and without shade, and the flow of water can be quite strong. Please understand that some locations are seasonal, and that we reserve the right to stop the tour at any time if we feel the conditions are too hazardous.

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For us, environmental conservation is of utmost importance. Donations will go towards the the conservation and clean up of these areas. Vietnam is all too efficient at destroying it’s own natural wonders and Danang Waterfalls wishes to demonstrate how conservation can be beneficial to everyone. For us, maintaining the natural environment is of utmost importance.

Memberships are our way of sharing these locations, that we love, without them becoming exploited, trashed, or built up. Memberships also support us as we continue to trek, explore, and find more amazing places to share.

Waterfalls Trips

Warning: These are jungle treks for physically fit, experienced trekkers. These hikes are through the jungle with varying conditions based on weather and season. Locations do not include restaurants, service, or bathrooms. Some locations have trails which may have thick underbrush and may include walking uphill. Efficiently packing is highly recommended.
*Note: Drive and hike times are one-way estimates and vary day to day

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