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  • Danang Waterfalls

    Danang Waterfalls

    Danang Waterfalls is here to help you find the hidden gems in the mountains surrounding Danang. Places most travelers miss and are virtually unexplored by non-locals. I have spent 3 years trekking through the jungles in the area and these are my favorite places so far. Join us for one of our adventure tours! These […]

  • Cocobay


    Cocobay wants to be a world-class entertainment center for asia. Lying right at the heart between Danang and Hoi An, Cocobay is the latest jewel added to Vietnam’s beautiful central beach strip. Aimed to become South East Asia’s leading entertainment and hospitality complex, Cocobay brings unprecedented varied amusement choices, world-class residence and redefined tourist services. […]

  • VinCom Cinema

    VinCom Cinema

    The Cinema at VinCom Mall is the CGV Cinema, behind the escalators, on the top floor. It looks like there will be restrooms nearby but they are actually at the other end of the floor. Unlike the films, the website and app are not always in English. However, you can usually find what movies (“phims”) […]

  • SunWheel


    Being a high-class entertainment system invested by Sun Group, Sun World consists of four complexes constructed at popular tourist destinations including DaNang, H? Long and Sapa. The system comprises Sun World Bà Nà Hills, Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sun World H? Long Complex and Sun World DaNang Wonders. With a variety of activities and entertainment […]

  • Hoi An Impression

    Hoi An Impression

    Attractive and unexpected programs await you at Hoi An impression. Keep updating so you do not miss a great program! Hoi An Impressionist Cultural Park is a boat that brings tourists back to time with one of the busiest ports in Asia in the 16th and 17th centuries and carries the memory of 400 years […]

  • Danang International Fireworks Festival

    Danang International Fireworks Festival

    The DIFF (Danang International Fireworks Festival) is an annual event. it is held each Spring on the Han river. The display is visible from many parts of the city, especially the Han river bridges.

  • Releasing Lantern Ceremony on the Hoi An River

    Releasing Lantern Ceremony on the Hoi An River

    Nowadays, lanterns become very popular. They are lit every night and everywhere in Hoi an. Therefore, even you can’t be in Hoi an on the full moon dates above, you can still feel a part of it every night. To visit Hoi an and see this festival, you can take a car from Da nang […]