Grab is a taxi-like business, with transparent, fixed fares, similar to Uber and LYFT. Grab is an app. You will need to download the app for your smartphone from your app store and add your information. Visit the app store from your smartphone to download the app for your device. Each trip gives you credit toward the next trip. This adds up.

I used GrabCar for the first six months of living here. It’s a free App you can download to your smartphone. Uber and LYFT don’t work in Danang, so you need to use Grab. Uber tried to compete with Grab and now they have merged into Grab. You can use cash or your credit card. The app does have English, though not completely, the last time I checked.

Grab Car and Bike
Grab Car and Bike

You can choose Grab Taxi (for larger groups of people), Grab Car, and Grab Bike. You can also get deliveries from restaurants and other services.

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If you have used Uber, then this is the same only in green. Uber and Grab fought over the Vietnamese market for a short while and Uber decided to bow out (sort of) gracefully by joining forces. Your Uber credits won’t apply here but the rates are low, thanks to the exchange rate.

Why GrabCar?

Transparent, Fixed Fares

Fixed and transparent fares right in the app so you know exactly how much you will pay for the journey.

Personal Accident Insurance

Additional Personal Accident Insurance coverage on top of the vehicles commercial coverage – because your safety matters to us!

Quality Drivers

Every GrabCar driver is rigorously screened and constantly rated (by you) to ensure you get the best service.

No Maps, No Cash, No Directions

Both GrabCar 4 seats and 7 seats service apply dynamic pricing based on demand/supply in the area at certain time of the day

In case passengers get GrabCar 7 seats through booking via “GrabCar 4 seats” icon on the app, the fare will be calculated based on GrabCar 4 seats fare. If booking through “GrabCar 7 seats” icon on the app, the fare will be calculated based on GrabCar 7 seats fare.

GrabCar trips do not carry goods or live animals as specified by the Department of Transportation. Other details, rules and restrictions may apply. See their Website for more information.

The app is free and using Grab is very easy. Once you have an address to go to, you enter it into your app and the driver knows where you are and where you are going. With your credit card as your method of payment, you don’t even have to make change or speak Vietnamese.

Why GrabBike?

Lower price, faster service and better view. See the Grab website for more information. Use our like to the Website and get up to a 30.000 vnd discount.

You can also get food delivered by GrabBike. Ask for details.

Grab Website
Grab Website
Grab Apple App
Grab Apple App
Grab Android App
Grab Android App
Grab QR Code
Grab QR Code




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