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  • Hoi An

    Hoi An

    Hoi An is a well-known travel destination in Viet Nam. The ancient town was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. “From ornate Buddhist monasteries to the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge and from the bustling Riverside market to the tranquil old town, Hoi An has it all!” Elle wrote. Earlier, Hoi An has […]

  • Steam Trains Restoration

    Steam Trains Restoration

    The Indochina Rail Tourist Service Company plans to restore the operation of steam trains traveling between Danang and Hue to serve tourists. Steam trains stopped operating in Viet Nam from the 1990s, replaced by diesel-driven locomotives. Danang – Hue steam trains to be restored for tourists The old trains are set to resume their route […]

  • Hoi An Visa

    Hoi An Visa

    Hoi An Visa is a visa company with over two years experience. They have a great reputation and deliver excellent service. When you pay them, everything except lunch is included. All your paperwork is complete with your forms filled out and all the fees are paid. Some people have remarked that the owner’s photo on […]

  • PayPal


    I have a PayPal debit card attached to my bank account. I use it as much as I can. Here is why. I can use this card as a credit card. There is no fee for to get this card (PayPal actually deposits money into your bank account to validate your account) and there is […]

  • Electric Power

    Electric Power

    The most expensive utility in vietnam is electric. In Danang, this can run two to four million vnd or more ($100 to $200 USD) per month during the hot months. There are two ways of dealing with the high(er) cost of electricity in Danang. AC is the most expensive consumer of electricity. As much as […]

  • Grab


    Grab is a taxi-like business, with transparent, fixed fares, similar to Uber and LYFT. Grab is an app. You will need to download the app for your smartphone from your app store and add your information. Visit the app store from your smartphone to download the app for your device. Each trip gives you credit […]

  • Qatar Airlines

    Qatar Airlines

    Whether you prefer to enjoy world-class restaurants, shop in ultra-modern malls with the latest luxury brands, explore 14 centuries of art in a museum, or take a stroll down the bustling alleys of traditional souqs, Qatar has something to offer everyone. Fly with Qatar Airways to Doha and discover Qatar with the new tourist visa. […]

  • Marble Mountain Tour from Da Nang Vietnam

    Marble Mountain Tour from Da Nang Vietnam

    The Marble Mountains is a cluster of 5 marble and limestone mountains lying close to the sea. Each mountain is named after one of the 5 elements in ancient oriental philosophy: metal, wood, water, fire, and earth. In 2018, 1.95 million tourists visited this tourist site. Of them, 1.15 million were foreigners, an increase of […]

  • Interesting Facts About Vietnam

    Interesting Facts About Vietnam

    In this video we’ll talk about Vietnam. Vietnam’s biggest cities and economy, food and people. Wonderful country with a huge potential. This video is from YouTube that I discovered quite by accident. I think this is well done. It’s a charming video that shows a lot of Vietnam culture. Please check it out and see […]

  • Is Da Nang in Vietnam worth a visit?

    Is Da Nang in Vietnam worth a visit?

    I moved to Da Nang almost 2 years ago and have been here ever since. Is Da Nang in Vietnam worth a visit? I have lived in Danang since March of 2017. I like it here. In my view, there are many things to like. Yes. Da Nang is a beautiful modern city with a beach, in fact, […]