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Hoi An Visa

Hoi An Visa is a visa company with over two years experience. They have a great reputation and deliver excellent service. When you pay them, everything except lunch is included. All your paperwork is complete with your forms filled out and all the fees are paid.

Mr. Hung, Owner of Hoi An Visa
Mr. Hung, Owner of Hoi An Visa

Some people have remarked that the owner’s photo on the website and facebook page looks mean. I can tell you he is not. I think it is an old style of formality. I had lunch with Mr. Hung. His father was killed during the US-Vietnam war when he was 13 years old. He had to support his family during those years. He is very friendly.

Hoi An Visa offers Visa Extension, Visa-on-Arrival and Guide service. For the Visa-on-Arrival service, please visit their website.

For the Visa Extension service we go to the Laos border. Their van picks up at a couple locations in Danang. I always get picked up at the VinCom Mall. It’s a good location. Even at 5:30 am, you can park your motorbike in the underground parking lot below the mall. Everyone knows where this is. Their van takes you out of town and through the tunnel to a delicious breakfast and coffee and a rest stop.

Vy, Hoi An Visa
Vy, Hoi An Visa

Back on the road, the van navigates the Vietnamese highways to the border. Once at the border, the driver gets a rest while Vy ushers the group through the process. She organizes the forms, fees, and passports into an easy workflow for the agents, first in Laos, and then back at the Vietnamese border. This can take a while but soon everyone is finished and the van takes us to lunch.

Lunch is delicious. It is extra because there are options for vegetarian, chicken, etc. This is a happy time. Good food, full visas and everyone can relax. Once we are full, it is time to head back down the mountain. We make a quick rest stop again near the breakfast stop. This time we can buy snacks if we want.

My Experience with Hoi An Visa

Once we are done with the rest stop we are headed back through the super long tunnel for Danang and VinCom. The whole trip will take about 13 hours and we arrive back at VinCom at 6:40 pm.

 +84 905-71-8886
(7:00AM – 8:00PM)
68 Tran Hung Dao, Hoi an




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