Category: Cinemas

  • Lotte Cinema

    Lotte Cinema

    Most films available in Danang Cinemas are in English, and if not, they have English subtitles. There are several cinemas that regularly show first run films. Oddly, the seats are assigned, so you have to choose where you will sit when you buy the tickets. On the other hand, they have “love seats” without the […]

  • Big-C Cinema

    Big-C Cinema

    There is a decent cinema at Big C. This is also a very large apartment complex.

  • VinCom Cinema

    VinCom Cinema

    The Cinema at VinCom Mall is the CGV Cinema, behind the escalators, on the top floor. It looks like there will be restrooms nearby but they are actually at the other end of the floor. Unlike the films, the website and app are not always in English. However, you can usually find what movies (“phims”) […]