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Most films available in Danang Cinemas are in English, and if not, they have English subtitles. There are several cinemas that regularly show first run films. Oddly, the seats are assigned, so you have to choose where you will sit when you buy the tickets. On the other hand, they have “love seats” without the arm in between. Public displays of affection is not allowed, even in theaters, but they are nice seats, for an extra price.

The cinemas also have membership programs. In my limited experience, Lotte cinema membership gets you lower prices on the seats, when you buy the ticket, not a free one after buying ten or so. To get the lower price, just show them your phone number. This makes joining immediately worthwhile. You can get the app to know what is playing. Some of the apps have enough English.

Be careful with this website. There are many different cities, two languages and cinemas on one website. You can easily get off track. The apps are not rated highly but at least you can check what is playing. If they get enough use, and English questions, perhaps the apps will get better.

6 Nai Nam, Danang 550000, Vietnam

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