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  • Hoi An

    Hoi An

    Hoi An is a well-known travel destination in Viet Nam. The ancient town was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. “From ornate Buddhist monasteries to the iconic Japanese Covered Bridge and from the bustling Riverside market to the tranquil old town, Hoi An has it all!” Elle wrote. Earlier, Hoi An has […]

  • Big-C


    There are smaller shopping centers in Danang. Big C is an older one in the middle of the city. Because of it’s location near the hotel and apartment complex, this may be close to your location. Big-C is an old fashioned discount store in Danang. Be careful of this website. You can get lost in […]

  • MegaMarket


    Danang has a warehouse type of retail store. It’s a kind of OfficeDepot in Danang. A shop where you can find everything needed in a business, like envelops, staples, pens, printers, ink, paper and general office supplies.

  • Lotte Mart

    Lotte Mart

    Not to be outdone, Lotte Mart, is also a large company, and also has a membership club. Lotte Mart is owned by Koreans and is on the south side of town. There are many other locations, but in Danang there is only the one location. Still, the rewards are the same, 1% of all your […]

  • VinCom Mall

    VinCom Mall

    VinCom Mall, VinMart convenience stores, VinPearl resort, VinPro and many other projects are part of the VinGroup. Many of these are housed in the VinCom Mall. VinMart is a retail store in Vietnam that is part of a very large company. The parent company, VinGroup, represents a wide range of retail outlets with many products […]

  • Lazada replaces Amazon

    Lazada replaces Amazon

    After moving to Vietnam, I discovered too late that Amazon dot com doesn’t deliver to Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is not even on the list of countries. If you are really set on using Amazon, there are a couple of options available. The first option for using Amazon in Vietnam, is to have a contact […]