VinCom Mall Opening Ceremony 2015

VinCom Mall

VinCom Mall, VinMart convenience stores, VinPearl resort, VinPro and many other projects are part of the VinGroup. Many of these are housed in the VinCom Mall.

VinMart is a retail store in Vietnam that is part of a very large company. The parent company, VinGroup, represents a wide range of retail outlets with many products and services. They have a membership card with credit for your purchases. VinCom Mall is on the north side of town with small retail VinMart shops all over town.

You get only 1% of each purchase. Still, if you buy your groceries there for a year, you will have some real money in your account. Since they sell nearly everything from groceries to motorbikes to laptops to homes, it is worth joining. The purchases eventually add up. To apply you will need your passport number, and maybe your passport.

VinCom Mall overview
VinCom Mall overview

Applying for these cards is good to do early, before you start buying things for your new apartment. The card is free and you get credit towards a future purchase. And they are free to use with no minimums and no purchases required. The service counter is outside the VinCom grocery near the elevators. You will need to fill out an application by hand. You will need at least your passport number, and maybe also your passport.

In Vietnam, most ATMs charge a fee. This is usually 50.000 vnd. This is not a lot of money but is the same whether you withdraw a little or a lot. Carrying around lots of cash isn’t usually advised so it’s a good idea to limit withdrawals. On the other hand, paying a feee for every withdrawal can add up.

VinCom Mall, Danang, Vietnam

The ATMs at VinCom Mall are outside and around the corner from the main entrance but before you get to the underground parking. Another way to get there is from the second floor VinMart grocery. At the opposite side of the store from the mall is an escalator that takes you down to the break room for employees. The ATMs are down there. The one that doesn’t charge a fee in Vincombank, the green one.

The website is for all VinCom locations and doesn’t appear to have an English section. If you find it, let me know.

VinMart Website
VinMart Website
VinMart Website
VinMart Apple App
VinMart Website
VinMart Android App
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