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  • Lotte Cinema

    Lotte Cinema

    Most films available in Danang Cinemas are in English, and if not, they have English subtitles. There are several cinemas that regularly show first run films. Oddly, the seats are assigned, so you have to choose where you will sit when you buy the tickets. On the other hand, they have “love seats” without the […]

  • MegaMarket


    Danang has a warehouse type of retail store. It’s a kind of OfficeDepot in Danang. A shop where you can find everything needed in a business, like envelops, staples, pens, printers, ink, paper and general office supplies.

  • VinCom Mall

    VinCom Mall

    VinCom Mall, VinMart convenience stores, VinPearl resort, VinPro and many other projects are part of the VinGroup. Many of these are housed in the VinCom Mall. VinMart is a retail store in Vietnam that is part of a very large company. The parent company, VinGroup, represents a wide range of retail outlets with many products […]

  • SunWheel


    Being a high-class entertainment system invested by Sun Group, Sun World consists of four complexes constructed at popular tourist destinations including DaNang, H? Long and Sapa. The system comprises Sun World Bà Nà Hills, Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sun World H? Long Complex and Sun World DaNang Wonders. With a variety of activities and entertainment […]

  • Translation


    There are several translation apps that are in common use between English and Vietnamese. Many of the Vietnamese use dictionary apps or apps that help with pronunciation. What I find most useful is the Google Translate App. Tips to Make it Faster There are a couple of tips to make this work faster. You can […]

  • Lazada replaces Amazon

    Lazada replaces Amazon

    After moving to Vietnam, I discovered too late that Amazon dot com doesn’t deliver to Vietnam. In fact, Vietnam is not even on the list of countries. If you are really set on using Amazon, there are a couple of options available. The first option for using Amazon in Vietnam, is to have a contact […]

  • PayPal


    I have a PayPal debit card attached to my bank account. I use it as much as I can. Here is why. I can use this card as a credit card. There is no fee for to get this card (PayPal actually deposits money into your bank account to validate your account) and there is […]

  • MoMo


    I use the Mobile Money app MoMo to pay utilities. It can also be used to send money to people and pay other bills based on their mobile phone number. You can add money or remove money at any FPT phone center. Momo originally was started by MobiPhone, hence the name. They have gained wide […]

  • Olivias Prime Steakhouse

    Olivias Prime Steakhouse

    The award for the finest steakhouse in Da Nang clearly goes to Olivias. Olivia and Scott also run Dirty Fingers on the oceanfront. Olivia’s steak is always done right. The veggies are delicious and the decor is western. Her steakhouse is on the Han river near the Dragon Bridge head and close to the action. The […]

  • Monkey Mountain

    Monkey Mountain

    Monkey mountain Da Nang Vietnam or Son Tra Mountain is located on Son Tra peninsula, about 19kms to the North of Da Nang city center