PayPal gives cashback on zero balance


I have a PayPal debit card attached to my bank account. I use it as much as I can. Here is why. I can use this card as a credit card. There is no fee for to get this card (PayPal actually deposits money into your bank account to validate your account) and there is no fee to use the card.

Cash-back on a Zero Balance

When I use the PayPal card as a credit card, even with a zero balance, PayPal pays the bill and then takes the money out of my bank account. I get 1% cash back at the end of the month from PayPal. This is worth doing, even with small amounts, because the total adds up.

The PayPal card works at all the ATMs I have tried. However, getting cash from an ATM works a little differently. You can only use this card at an ATM with a balance on the card and you can only withdraw that balance. You get cash back on Grab when you use it as your method of payment and other uses, too. Set this up before you travel.

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